The Perching Post Christmas Gift Guide

Have a browse over our mini Christmas gift guide, which includes gift ideas, a recipe from Pastry Affair, our new pop up shop Poule de Luxe and info on Barnes Late Night Shopping.

We are also offering 10% off all gifts and homeware this month, just type: XMASSHOP in the discount section at the checkout.  Have a fab week!

The Perching Post Christmas Gift Guide


Interview With Mat Dusting Founder of M-24


One of the best things about running my own shop is the interesting and diverse people I meet.  Recently Mat Dusting got in contact The Perching Post about his fantastic company, M-24, that makes bags from recycled truck tarpaulin. Each bag is different due to the different types of tarpaulin he collects.  It’s a brilliant, versitile, extremely durable product which come in 5 different designs: Jerry Can, Oil Drum, Pylon, Tanker and my favourite Eddie Stobart Messenger! Take a look….

As it was such an unusual idea I wanted to find out more about Mat Dusting and his company so I took the opportunity to ask him a couple of questions about M-24 and how he set about making his idea become a reality:

What is M-24?

M-24 upcycle used/discarded lorry curtains and seat belts into funky functional bags. These include Backpacks, Duffel bags and Ski bags.

What motivated you to start a business?

By biggest fear is being normal! I want to create products and business that change the world. (Big dream). I have been inspired by people around me to start a business; my dad has created a very successful business from nothing and has given me great confidence to pursue my own ventures. Some of my friends have created successfully tech businesses from nothing and now working on loads of exciting projects.

I worked for a large corporation during a placement year at university. This was a fantastic experience where I learned a lot about myself. I knew at the end of the 12 months I didn’t want to work in a standard 9-5 job. Some of the faces of people who had been working there for years looked so demoralised and depressed.

I think the greatest motivation is being in control of your future, knowing no limits and fulfilling dreams in your head.

When did you start M-24?

M-24 started around March 2012. I started playing around with left over material on the farm to create a durable ski bag. I experimented with old sand bags and bits of plastic and soon found a piece of leftover lorry curtain. I cleaned it up, cut it up and stitched it into a crude ski bag shape. I made a few more prototypes using local leather stitching experts and soon came up with a design. I showed my friends and family the products and they loved them.

What support have you had, Grants/ Mentor?

Shortly after starting M-24, I found out about an Enterprise program the Princes Trust were running. I signed up and 2 months later received a start-up loan of £2000 and a personal business mentor.

M-24 is supported by Taunton Deane Borough council who have helped with a £1000 grant

M-24 came 1st during Aprils Shell-livewire competition. We won £1000 and have been entered  into a national award for Entrepreneur of the Year.

What has been the greatest challenge so far?

There have been many hurdles over the last 12 months.

I’ve been running this business on my own from home. Being on your own most days can be hard. Keeping myself motivated and focused is the biggest challenge. Most of my friends work in the city earning good salaries and living comfortably. It’s not easy working long hours and earning little while your friends are doing the opposite.

What does the future hold?

We’ve been accepted into a pop up shop on KINGS RD London from 16th -31st July 2013. I’m now working with the Stobart group (Eddie Stobart) to design an exclusive range of bags and help them recycle some of their old material. We want to become a nationally recognised British brand.

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Think big! Believe in yourself, follow your gut!

Start small! Don’t throw money at your idea at the early stages. Test your idea first. Bootstrap your business.


You will hopefully soon be able to buy M-24 products at The Perching Post but in the mean time you can buy them on M-24’s website, you can also follow M-24 on twitter.

When you buy an M-24 product, you’re helping to reduce UK landfill thus helping to save the planet and helping a local UK business.

What a Find!

Whilst trawling round many antique fairs I came across this fabulous art deco rocking armchair.

Art Deco Rocking Chair

It works beautifully and despite the rather ugly material,  it’s in very good condition.   I couldn’t leave without buying it, so after a bit of haggling I whisked it away in my little red polo (just about) feeling rather happy as in my mind  it was an absolute steal!

Luckily I know a very very good upholster called Hickey and Dobson- Mary to be precise.  Mary showed me a couple of fabrics and designs I could choose from and I decided on an olive green woollen fabric on the front and a green and creme stripped fabric for the back…….. ta-da!

The new beautiful art deco rocking chair!!

Green and creme stripped back.

Mary really worked her magic and knows what she’s talking about! I absolutely LOVE IT!

What do you think?

Anna @ The Perching Post

P.S Check out Hickey and Dobson’s website, she’s got some beautiful chairs for sale:

Eco Friendly Design at it’s BEST!

The Perching Post, Barnes High Street

One of our most interesting suppliers at The Perching Post, based in Barnes London, are called Elvis and Kresse who make bags and accessories out of decommissioned fire-hoses. Their products are fantastic, high quality and manage to look chic whilst being eco friendly. So it’s no surprise they are getting quite a high profile in the media at the moment, featuring in Harpers Bazaar, American VogueThe TimesThe Guardian and The Evening Standard as well as many others.

Here is a selection of some of Elvis and Kresse items
Tote Bag, made from decommissioned fire hose, lining is made from parachute silk.
Recently Elvis and Kresse approached The Perching Post asking whether NHK TV(Japanese TV channel) could film an interview with Elvis and Kresse at the
shop! How Exciting?! Obviously it didn’t take us long to say YES so on Monday 4th June whilst everyone was preparing for their Jubilee street parties a Japanese film crew were arriving at 8:30am for the interview.
Elvis and Kresse were absolutely lovely and they had some very interesting points to make. Elvis and Kresse uses a huge amount of recycled materials such as parachute silks, tea sacks, wooden palettes, coffee sacks, and of course decommissioned fire-hoses. Half of their profits are donated to charities related to the waste, here is there current list WWF, The Wessex Autistic Society,Help for Heroes, Comic Relief and of course, the Fire Fighters Charity in support of the work they do. Elvis and Kresse alone have made sure that no decommissioned fire-hose from London’s fire brigades go to Landfill and it is fast spreading across the UK.

Kresse, Anna, NHK Japan Presenter & Elvis

So here’s a thought, the more bags and wonderful gifts and accessories you buy, the more goes to these wonderful charities and less materials have to go to landfill thus saving the planet. I count that as a three way win, don’t you?!

Anna @ The Perching Post