Before and After: Edwardian Elbow Rest Library Chair

Project 9: Edwardian Elbow Rest Library Chair.

I bought this whilst on a weekend trip to Devon. I haven’t seen anything quite like it, it’s very low sitting and the back goes back so you could just drift off to sleep by the fire…

Edwardian Elbow Rest Chair

It needed a bit of a clean up and I couldn’t wait to get searching for new fabrics for the upholstery! I actually surprised myself because I picked out a rather glitzy fabric from Harlequin.

Usually I tend to go for the more earthy colours, leaning towards the scandinavian style but for some reason I couldn’t quite find what I was looking for until I saw this beautiful fabric from Harlequin and thought you know what, why not try something different eh? So I enlisted a local upholsterer and here is the final product. LOVE IT!

Edwardian Elbow Rest Library Chair

Edwardian Elbow Rest Library ChairEdwardian Elbow Rest Library ChairEdwardian Elbow Rest Library Chair

You can now buy this item on our online shop!


January Blues? Chair Up!

January Blues Chair UpOver the past few years my mum and I have developed a chair obsession which has got a little out of control as we now have no room in our storage.

We’ve got lots of Ercol dining chairs, mainly Quaker, Windsor and Goldsmith designs, most of them are in good condition and if you’re looking for something more bespoke why not get them painted? We can paint them in any Farrow and Ball colour to match your interiors. You can find the Farrow and Ball colour chart here. We do charge an extra cost for this but I think it is totally worth it.  If  your interested give us a bell.



We’re also got some lovely upholstery chairs at the moment and in about a week or so I will have a beautiful Edwardian elbow rest chair which is going to look stunning. I’ll be doing a before and after blog post on this one.

I would definitely recommend coming to the shop, but if that’s not possible keep checking the website or email me, especially if there is something in particular you are looking for as we might just have it: anna [at]

January Blues

The Perching Post Shop Display.

So if you’re thinking of a total spring clean and need a couple of new dining room chairs or bedroom chairs come and visit us!

The Perching Post Update

Just a quick update on what we have in the shop at the moment:

G Plan Sideboard

A stunning G Plan Sideboard, you can find more info here.

We've got a set of 4 Goldsmith Chairs that would look fab painted in Pitch Black.... More info here.

We’ve got a set of 4 Goldsmith Chairs that would look fab painted in Pitch Black…. More info here.

We have two breakfast bar stools painted in Farrow and Ball Pointing. More info here.

We have two breakfast bar stools painted in Farrow and Ball Pointing. More info here.

We of course have loads more interesting stuff and as always we also have some Ercol Quaker & Windsor chairs which can be painted in any Farrow and Ball colour. We are also offering to do up any of your pieces of furniture that you think needs to be updated/rejuvenated! There’s more info on it here or email anna:

Interior of the Week- My house…

As I keep posting up gorgeous images of other people’s beautiful rooms on my interior of the week, I thought I’d give you a glimpse into my tidy, well thought out house.

Here is my beautiful spacious dining room, with a lovely french polished dining table, seats 6…..
Beautiful spacious dining room
and here is my not so tidy workshop that’s ready for the photographer, I think I may need some help, brilliant….

My tidy, I mean, not so tidy studioWhat do you think? Any recommendations?




Spruced Up Chippy Heath

Here’s the before pic:

Telephone table- Chippy Heath

Telephone table- Chippy Heath

and after sanding, filling, priming and painting, this is the finished piece:


Would look great in the bedroom having your morning cup of coffee reading the paper or…

  … it could be a laptop table?

It’s on sale at £300


Height: 67cm

Width: 86cm

Depth: 43cm

If you are interested in purchasing this item or similar please contact Anna:

What a Find!

Whilst trawling round many antique fairs I came across this fabulous art deco rocking armchair.

Art Deco Rocking Chair

It works beautifully and despite the rather ugly material,  it’s in very good condition.   I couldn’t leave without buying it, so after a bit of haggling I whisked it away in my little red polo (just about) feeling rather happy as in my mind  it was an absolute steal!

Luckily I know a very very good upholster called Hickey and Dobson- Mary to be precise.  Mary showed me a couple of fabrics and designs I could choose from and I decided on an olive green woollen fabric on the front and a green and creme stripped fabric for the back…….. ta-da!

The new beautiful art deco rocking chair!!

Green and creme stripped back.

Mary really worked her magic and knows what she’s talking about! I absolutely LOVE IT!

What do you think?

Anna @ The Perching Post

P.S Check out Hickey and Dobson’s website, she’s got some beautiful chairs for sale: