Interior of the Week (and Holiday Home Envy) – Villa Kalos

I don’t know about you but I’ve been day dreaming about the sun ALL month. Since this is going to be staying a dream for quite sometime, I got researching my dream holiday home and I stumbled across Villa Kalos in Greece and turned green with envy! Take a look at this….


It’s in the perfect location overlooking the stunning countryside of Lahos in Ithaka.  The owners, Gerda Genis and Robbert Koene, have beautifully decorated and restored what was once a ruin and now let it out over the summer!  It has four bedrooms, all of which have a en suite and a large swimming pool to cool off.  Have a look at their website, I imagine it get’s snapped up pretty quick so get booking!

Source from est magazine and Villa Kalos

Photography by Robbert Koene


Interior of the Week- Glamping

I’m not really a fan of camping.  I love the idea of it and I like to think I’m the outdoorsy, carefree and don’t- mind- if- there- are- bugs- crawling -on- me kinda girl, but in all honesty I’m really not that person. When I have been camping I enjoyed being with my friends, setting up the tent and having a BBQ but then once the first evening is over it just goes down hill for me. I hate that it gets really cold in the night but when you wake up in the morning to the sun shining on your tent you are inevitably baking hot- you feel like you have a fever! It gets worse when the toilets are about a mile away and well you know… stink.  There are either no showers or at best you have to queue for two hours so in the end you just stick to wipes for 3 days- honestly I actually don’t know why people like it so much? Nevertheless when I saw this…

Paperbark Camping #1

Paperbark CampingI thought to myself, this is the sort of camping I would like.  Luxurious, romantic, cosy, in the middle of nowhere and of course the essential- it has it’s own bathroom! Yep I think I could put up with that.  It’s called Paperbark Camp, in Jarvis Bay, Australia. It’s very popular with newly weds and I can see why.  You can relax and sleep for as long as you like surrounded by gum and mangrove forests;  stroll to the beach where you can hop into one of the canoes and explore the surroundings, stop off for a picnic and then come back to a candle lit dinner.  Sounds heavenly!

Paperbark Camp also been awarded the ECO Advanced Eco Tourism certificate by being both ecologically and financially sustainable as well extensively maintaining the natural peaceful environment Paperbark Camp chose for their campsite. I think in a time where we are hyper aware about the damages we’re doing to our beautiful planet, it’s nice to know that you can go somewhere like this and know that you’re not totally destroying the surrounding environment.

Heading to Glastonbury? Need some FieldCandy?

Well look no further as FieldCandy have got it covered! They’re on a mission to change the traditional canvas tent into a ‘portable masterpiece!’

How fun is this!? FieldCandy print artists work straight onto classically designed tents and with artists such as Terry Pastor, Jonathan Zawada, award winning photographers such as Philip Gatward and Bence Mate as well as Fashion designers Basso & Brooke, you’ll most likely find them only on the most trendiest of locations. Although they may look more of a fashion statement for the super chic, they are in fact made for the real outdoors- so you won’t need to suffer! They’re produced from high quality components to keep you dry in the rain and snug in a gale, they also have a cotton inner tent so you don’t get condensation, are super easy to put up and are manufactured in the UK. Brilliant! Here are just a few of their designs…

You can buy them from FieldCandy’s website who ship worldwide. With plenty more designs on their website there’s something for everyone.  FieldCandy tents retail from £395 . Each tent bears a stitched in identification number to prove it’s the real thing and if you are lucky enough to buy one you’ll receive a certificate of authenticity with their FieldCandy tent for posterity.

You know, it’s almost tempted me to try out camping again, they even have a GlastoCows Design….

You can follow FieldCandy on Twitter.

Interior of the Week- Tree House Hotel

I freakin love architecture.  This is the sort of thing that gets me excited……

Tree Hotel from Welcome beyond

Image from Welcome Beyond

Ok so technically this is an exterior post but gee whizz this is amazing! It is called The Treehotel- The Mirrorcube in Sweden.

Sleeps two adults and I think you’ll agree, with six windows and panoramic views, it would be one special little getaway.

They’ve even thought about the birds. They have covered the mirrors with an infrared film that we folk can’t see but the birds can… so you won’t get any little birdies flying straight into the mirrors. Goodo.

If there was a millionaire hobbit he’d live here…

If there was a millionaire hobbit, I imagine this is what his pad would look like.  It’s positioned in the Swiss Alps (literally) and you access it from a wooden shed then through an underground tunnel as it is situated inside the mountain.

Villa Vals

It’s seriously awesome and the best bit is that you can rent it out for your holidays and fit up to 10 people- oh what fun you could have! I found it on this really cool website Urlaubsarchitektur which has a huge list of historical, modern and traditional holiday homes that are all outstanding. Many have won awards like this one called Villa Vals.

Villa Vals in the Summer

Villa ValsVilla Vals

It looks ultra modern filled with Dutch designed furniture and accessories. Although it seems to be made mainly from concrete, there is enough warm wood, rugs, fireplaces and fabulous lighting to make it feel cosy and inviting after a day of skiing or nice and cool after your hike in the summer. It’s also super close to the famous spa hotel Therme Vals where you could have a dip in this:

Therme Vals Hotels

Spa at the Therme Vals Hotel.

You can find more information on the house and all the details for booking on Urlaubsarchitektur and Villa Vals.

(All images are linked back to the relevant websites).

Stay-cationing? Check this out…

Whilst trawling around the internet looking for somewhere to disappear to for a week I came across the most brilliant blog. It’s called Emily Escaped and it’s ‘dedicated to seeking out UK holiday rentals that are all about great design’. It has the most amazing holiday homes i’ve ever seen!! A feast for design lovers, take a look at these beauties…

THE WORKSHOP AT LIME TREE FARM, SUFFOLK. Sleeps 2 People from From £830 per week

SEA GEM, EAST SUSSEX. Sleeps 8 from £3000 per week

THE BEACH HAUS, DORSET. Sleeps 8 from £1,680 a week

TY HEDFAN, POWYS. Sleeps 8 from £950 per week

BALBEGNO CASTLE, KINCARDINESHIRE. Sleeps 16 from £2,890 a week

It’s hard to believe that all of these little oasis’ are in the UK. With views looking over the beach and countryside you could be anywhere. Some of the holiday homes picked out by Emily Escapes have won architectural awards while others are inspirational conversions. They range from sleeping x2 for romantic getaways to sleeping x16 perfect for group holidays with friends. What could be more fun!


No more queuing at the airport, just hop in your car and away you go! Check out the website Emily Escaped to find your perfect stay-cation holiday home.