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Heading to Glastonbury? Need some FieldCandy?

Well look no further as FieldCandy have got it covered! They’re on a mission to change the traditional canvas tent into a ‘portable masterpiece!’

How fun is this!? FieldCandy print artists work straight onto classically designed tents and with artists such as Terry Pastor, Jonathan Zawada, award winning photographers such as Philip Gatward and Bence Mate as well as Fashion designers Basso & Brooke, you’ll most likely find them only on the most trendiest of locations. Although they may look more of a fashion statement for the super chic, they are in fact made for the real outdoors- so you won’t need to suffer! They’re produced from high quality components to keep you dry in the rain and snug in a gale, they also have a cotton inner tent so you don’t get condensation, are super easy to put up and are manufactured in the UK. Brilliant! Here are just a few of their designs…

You can buy them from FieldCandy’s website who ship worldwide. With plenty more designs on their website there’s something for everyone.  FieldCandy tents retail from £395 . Each tent bears a stitched in identification number to prove it’s the real thing and if you are lucky enough to buy one you’ll receive a certificate of authenticity with their FieldCandy tent for posterity.

You know, it’s almost tempted me to try out camping again, they even have a GlastoCows Design….

You can follow FieldCandy on Twitter.