Eco Friendly Design at it’s BEST!

The Perching Post, Barnes High Street

One of our most interesting suppliers at The Perching Post, based in Barnes London, are called Elvis and Kresse who make bags and accessories out of decommissioned fire-hoses. Their products are fantastic, high quality and manage to look chic whilst being eco friendly. So it’s no surprise they are getting quite a high profile in the media at the moment, featuring in Harpers Bazaar, American VogueThe TimesThe Guardian and The Evening Standard as well as many others.

Here is a selection of some of Elvis and Kresse items
Tote Bag, made from decommissioned fire hose, lining is made from parachute silk.
Recently Elvis and Kresse approached The Perching Post asking whether NHK TV(Japanese TV channel) could film an interview with Elvis and Kresse at the
shop! How Exciting?! Obviously it didn’t take us long to say YES so on Monday 4th June whilst everyone was preparing for their Jubilee street parties a Japanese film crew were arriving at 8:30am for the interview.
Elvis and Kresse were absolutely lovely and they had some very interesting points to make. Elvis and Kresse uses a huge amount of recycled materials such as parachute silks, tea sacks, wooden palettes, coffee sacks, and of course decommissioned fire-hoses. Half of their profits are donated to charities related to the waste, here is there current list WWF, The Wessex Autistic Society,Help for Heroes, Comic Relief and of course, the Fire Fighters Charity in support of the work they do. Elvis and Kresse alone have made sure that no decommissioned fire-hose from London’s fire brigades go to Landfill and it is fast spreading across the UK.

Kresse, Anna, NHK Japan Presenter & Elvis

So here’s a thought, the more bags and wonderful gifts and accessories you buy, the more goes to these wonderful charities and less materials have to go to landfill thus saving the planet. I count that as a three way win, don’t you?!

Anna @ The Perching Post