Before and After: Edwardian Elbow Rest Library Chair

Project 9: Edwardian Elbow Rest Library Chair.

I bought this whilst on a weekend trip to Devon. I haven’t seen anything quite like it, it’s very low sitting and the back goes back so you could just drift off to sleep by the fire…

Edwardian Elbow Rest Chair

It needed a bit of a clean up and I couldn’t wait to get searching for new fabrics for the upholstery! I actually surprised myself because I picked out a rather glitzy fabric from Harlequin.

Usually I tend to go for the more earthy colours, leaning towards the scandinavian style but for some reason I couldn’t quite find what I was looking for until I saw this beautiful fabric from Harlequin and thought you know what, why not try something different eh? So I enlisted a local upholsterer and here is the final product. LOVE IT!

Edwardian Elbow Rest Library Chair

Edwardian Elbow Rest Library ChairEdwardian Elbow Rest Library ChairEdwardian Elbow Rest Library Chair

You can now buy this item on our online shop!


Before and After: School Desk

Project 8: Old school desk, which is now too cool for school!

Here is the before pic:


I thought this would be a great piece as a coffee table, all I needed to do was chop the legs off.  Unlike most things this little project actually went according to plan with no hiccups- literally that never normally happens! After sanding it down I dyed the wood which really brought out the flame in the wood and had a nice warm look.  With a layer of oil to finish it off and a lick of paint inside the desk, here is the final piece:

Desk Coffee table

Desk Coffee Table

Desk Coffee Table

What do you guys think? Pretty cool hay! You can find it on my new online shop.

Before and After: Gentleman’s Wardrobe

Project 7

A lovely gentleman’s wardrobe made by the furniture company Stag which has been making this sort of furniture from the 1950’s, sadly the company have stopped trading. This is from their Stag “C” Range (circa 1960) design inspired by John and Sylvia Reid.

I really love the look of this wardrobe; the simple shape, the long indent for the door handle and the lovely legs.  It’s actually in pretty good shape just a few scratches, however as with any before and after it needs a little bit of make up to freshen it up.

Here is the before shot:


The wood has a lovely warm glow to it so it would be a shame to paint over that. Instead I decided to add some stripped detailing and a few coats of wax to shine it up. Here is the transformation:

Gentleman's Wardrobe made by Stag Furniture.  On sale at The Perching Post:

I think it looks rather stunning now, what do you think?

It’s on sale at £320


Height: 122.5 cm

Width: 76 cm

Depth: 55.5 cm

If you are interested in purchasing this item or similar please contact Anna:

A Fresh Start

Well I hope everyone had a fabulously festive Christmas and New Year?  Back to normal now and I guess the only thing I like about January is the feeling of a fresh start. So after pigging out on Christmas day and boxing day I made a plan to change the shop around to gain more space for furniture. Here are some before pics



Before- My very Supportive mother in the background! Wouldn't have a shop without her!

Before- My very supportive mother in the background- wouldn’t have a shop without her!

After a fair amount of heavy lifting and painting, heres the final result…



I didn’t quite have time to paint the other cupboard at the back, probably will do this over the weekend- everything takes so much longer than you think.  However overall I am very pleased with the look.  I’m in love with the dark navy paint called ‘Railings’ by Farrow and Ball makes everything look so luxurious and expensive plus it seems to go with any colour. May end up painting the door and counter in this colour…

I also sorted out what I wanted to go on SALE, 30% off, to make room for all the lovely new things coming over this month.  We’ll be stocking more furniture, prints, mirrors, wall art and hopefully after visiting Top drawer and Home on Monday I will have a nice selection of lights. I think I’m off to a good start this year.

Spruced Up Chippy Heath

Here’s the before pic:

Telephone table- Chippy Heath

Telephone table- Chippy Heath

and after sanding, filling, priming and painting, this is the finished piece:


Would look great in the bedroom having your morning cup of coffee reading the paper or…

  … it could be a laptop table?

It’s on sale at £300


Height: 67cm

Width: 86cm

Depth: 43cm

If you are interested in purchasing this item or similar please contact Anna:

Bedside Cabinets

Project 6: Bedside Cabinets

I found two more smaller ex-library index cabinets which I thought would make perfect bedside cabinets.  I ordered the steel hairpin legs and spray painted the legs in a matt gold finish.

Ex-library filing cabinets with steel hairpin legs

Bedside Cabinet with Steel Hairpin Legs

Bedside Cabinet with Steel Hairpin Legs

Great for hiding all your make-up and phone chargers, and there’s enough space on the top for a bedside lamp, thrilling book and glass of water or cup of tea- marvellous!


Length: 34.5cm

Depth: 40cm

Height: 54cm

Price: £180 each SOLD

If you are interested in purchasing this piece or similar please contact Anna:

Ex Library Index Cabinet with Steel Hairpin Legs

Project 5: Library Cabinet

I found this beautiful cabinet in an antiques shop and I had to have it!  It sat on my plan chest for a fair amount of time before I decided to put some hairpin legs on to it. It now makes a great sideboard to put all your bits and bobs in.  I ordered the hairpin legs from The Iron Mill and I couldn’t be happier.

Ex Library Index Cabinet with Steel Hairpin Legs

Ex Index Library cabinet with Steel Hairpin Legs

Index Cabinet Sideboard with Steel Hairpin Legs.

Dimensions: Width: 84cm Depth: 40cm Height: 82cm

Price £550 SOLD

If you are interested in purchasing this piece or similar please contact Anna:

This item has now been sold.