On the Hunt for New Designers!

The Perching Post is looking for some new designers in affordable jewellery, scarves, leather bags & gloves to stock in our shop!

We’re looking to expand our gift range over Christmas and would love to be able to support new designers, however, we do have some catches:
*You have to be based in the UK and ideally we would love the products to be made in Great Britain but this is not a necessity.
*We would like to try out the items on a Sale or Return Basis for our first order.
*By affordable we mean something that you might buy for a good friend, so price ranges from £10-£60
*We’d like to have everything ready in for Christmas shoppers by Nov 22nd.
Please have a look out our online shop to see whether you think your items might fit in and have a look at our pinterest boards. We like quirky stylish products. Our target audience is affluent family’s so late 20’s to 60’s. We are also looking for Men’s gifts! They’re so hard to buy for, right?
If you’re interested please email Anna with some info or if you have any other questions: anna[at]theperchingpost.co.uk or theperchingpost[at]gmail.com
Please spread the word and share, thank you!

5 thoughts on “On the Hunt for New Designers!

  1. So… how important is the UK bit? My sister-in-law has a fab little start-up making lovely, sustainable goods. I’m sure she would be delighted to share her pretties with you. Shoot me an email if you are willing to venture across the pond.


    • Hello!

      Sounds interesting, well if she gives me an email anna@theperchingpost.co.uk I will definitely take a look. I said the UK just to make it simpler as it order pends on the cost (conversion rate) and also the postage…

      Love your posts by the way, they always make me laugh! Your daughter sounds like she’ll be running for President one day!

      Thanks for getting in touch!

      • Super. I will pass along your information.

        Oh, thanks Anna. So glad you like stories of our silly little life. There is no doubt I would vote for the munchkin…

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