Interior of the Week- Glamping

I’m not really a fan of camping.  I love the idea of it and I like to think I’m the outdoorsy, carefree and don’t- mind- if- there- are- bugs- crawling -on- me kinda girl, but in all honesty I’m really not that person. When I have been camping I enjoyed being with my friends, setting up the tent and having a BBQ but then once the first evening is over it just goes down hill for me. I hate that it gets really cold in the night but when you wake up in the morning to the sun shining on your tent you are inevitably baking hot- you feel like you have a fever! It gets worse when the toilets are about a mile away and well you know… stink.  There are either no showers or at best you have to queue for two hours so in the end you just stick to wipes for 3 days- honestly I actually don’t know why people like it so much? Nevertheless when I saw this…

Paperbark Camping #1

Paperbark CampingI thought to myself, this is the sort of camping I would like.  Luxurious, romantic, cosy, in the middle of nowhere and of course the essential- it has it’s own bathroom! Yep I think I could put up with that.  It’s called Paperbark Camp, in Jarvis Bay, Australia. It’s very popular with newly weds and I can see why.  You can relax and sleep for as long as you like surrounded by gum and mangrove forests;  stroll to the beach where you can hop into one of the canoes and explore the surroundings, stop off for a picnic and then come back to a candle lit dinner.  Sounds heavenly!

Paperbark Camp also been awarded the ECO Advanced Eco Tourism certificate by being both ecologically and financially sustainable as well extensively maintaining the natural peaceful environment Paperbark Camp chose for their campsite. I think in a time where we are hyper aware about the damages we’re doing to our beautiful planet, it’s nice to know that you can go somewhere like this and know that you’re not totally destroying the surrounding environment.


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