Interior of the Week

A room with the ultimate view…..

Lake view home by k-m-architekturIsn’t this a jaw droppingly- take your breath away kinda view?!  The house is located in Switzerland by Lake Walensee and is designed by K-M-Architektur. They have used wood on almost every surface a part from the floor to ceiling windows which make the most of this fantastic view. You can imagine the views look just as stunning in winter with snow covered mountains and the lovely golden wood inside making it feel all cosy and warm.

House designed by k-m-architektur

House design by k-m-architekturBy using wood extensively inside and outside, I think it makes the building sit well in it’s location in the grassy hills especially as they have used a light coloured wood. However I do love the super modern sharp clean lines of the building juxtaposing against the natural rugged mountains opposite. Beautiful.

House designed by k-m-architektur

house designed by k-m-architektur


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