Interior of the Week

Glass wall with greenery outsideHow dramatic and stunning is this!!!  That glass window, looking on to the highest wall of greenery I’ve ever seen, is for me absolutely breath taking. The different kinds of plants growing up the wall makes it so interesting with it’s different textures and shades of green- it’s practically a living breathing wallpaper! You definitely wouldn’t be over looked, in fact it looks like you could never escape….

I also think the way they have used black is very clever, it blends in beautifully with the back drop so it doesn’t lose the impressive and dramatic atmosphere.  If they had used white it would have had a completely different effect. By using black they have embraced the darkness rather then trying to make the room light. I think one of the best pieces of advice I have found is from Roger Banks-Pye, who said  “Always make a dark room darker. You can paint a dark room white, but it will still be dark…give it atmosphere with deep intense colour that works well in artificial light.”

I’m not sure who is lucky enough to own this bit of glamourous land. I know I shouldn’t really use images where you can’t find the original source but this interior is just too good! I found it on Abigail Ahern’s Pinterest Board, and when I asked her where she found it, she pointed me to Domaine. However I haven’t managed to find it on their website or Pinterest Boards. So if anyone knows where this image comes from please let me know! Thanks


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