My Very First Photo Shoot!

I was so excited about this, I think having professional looking images on your website is a must and since my try out of taking lifestyle pictures was a complete and utter failure this was such a weight of my shoulders.  I enlisted Yeshen Venema to take some fab lifestyle images for my new online shop.

I had a slight panic in the morning as although I left 2 hours before our meeting time to drive 18 miles, going from South to North London, I was still half an hour late, typical rush hour traffic, so glad I don’t do that every day! When I finally arrived we had a little chat over a cup of tea about what I wanted.  Since it was my first photo shoot I didn’t really know what to expect, or quite what I wanted so I brought lots of props with me and luckly Yeshen had some really great ideas and stylish props too.  Here is the man himself in his studio in North London.

Photographer Yeshen Venema

I learnt quite a bit just watching him styling and taking the images.  I think I tend to add too much into the shot so that in the end your not sure what it is your meant to be looking at.  As always though, simplicity is the key. Here are a few taster shots of what will be going on to my new website launching oh- so- very- soon!

Candle Votives

Lightbulb Vases

Elvis and Kresse Wash Bag

Tape Desk TidyI would definitely recommend Yeshen, have a look at his website or follow him on twitter, he also writes a blog which includes some really great tips.


2 thoughts on “My Very First Photo Shoot!

  1. Nice post Anna! Great to read this from the client’s side, as I’m always focussed on what I’m doing on the day. Very pleased with the photos – looking forward to seeing them on your website soon!

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