If there was a millionaire hobbit he’d live here…

If there was a millionaire hobbit, I imagine this is what his pad would look like.  It’s positioned in the Swiss Alps (literally) and you access it from a wooden shed then through an underground tunnel as it is situated inside the mountain.

Villa Vals

It’s seriously awesome and the best bit is that you can rent it out for your holidays and fit up to 10 people- oh what fun you could have! I found it on this really cool website Urlaubsarchitektur which has a huge list of historical, modern and traditional holiday homes that are all outstanding. Many have won awards like this one called Villa Vals.

Villa Vals in the Summer

Villa ValsVilla Vals

It looks ultra modern filled with Dutch designed furniture and accessories. Although it seems to be made mainly from concrete, there is enough warm wood, rugs, fireplaces and fabulous lighting to make it feel cosy and inviting after a day of skiing or nice and cool after your hike in the summer. It’s also super close to the famous spa hotel Therme Vals where you could have a dip in this:

Therme Vals Hotels

Spa at the Therme Vals Hotel.

You can find more information on the house and all the details for booking on Urlaubsarchitektur and Villa Vals.

(All images are linked back to the relevant websites).


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