Before and After: Gentleman’s Wardrobe

Project 7

A lovely gentleman’s wardrobe made by the furniture company Stag which has been making this sort of furniture from the 1950’s, sadly the company have stopped trading. This is from their Stag “C” Range (circa 1960) design inspired by John and Sylvia Reid.

I really love the look of this wardrobe; the simple shape, the long indent for the door handle and the lovely legs.  It’s actually in pretty good shape just a few scratches, however as with any before and after it needs a little bit of make up to freshen it up.

Here is the before shot:


The wood has a lovely warm glow to it so it would be a shame to paint over that. Instead I decided to add some stripped detailing and a few coats of wax to shine it up. Here is the transformation:

Gentleman's Wardrobe made by Stag Furniture.  On sale at The Perching Post:

I think it looks rather stunning now, what do you think?

It’s on sale at £320


Height: 122.5 cm

Width: 76 cm

Depth: 55.5 cm

If you are interested in purchasing this item or similar please contact Anna:


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