A Fresh Start

Well I hope everyone had a fabulously festive Christmas and New Year?  Back to normal now and I guess the only thing I like about January is the feeling of a fresh start. So after pigging out on Christmas day and boxing day I made a plan to change the shop around to gain more space for furniture. Here are some before pics



Before- My very Supportive mother in the background! Wouldn't have a shop without her!

Before- My very supportive mother in the background- wouldn’t have a shop without her!

After a fair amount of heavy lifting and painting, heres the final result…



I didn’t quite have time to paint the other cupboard at the back, probably will do this over the weekend- everything takes so much longer than you think.  However overall I am very pleased with the look.  I’m in love with the dark navy paint called ‘Railings’ by Farrow and Ball makes everything look so luxurious and expensive plus it seems to go with any colour. May end up painting the door and counter in this colour…

I also sorted out what I wanted to go on SALE, 30% off, to make room for all the lovely new things coming over this month.  We’ll be stocking more furniture, prints, mirrors, wall art and hopefully after visiting Top drawer and Home on Monday I will have a nice selection of lights. I think I’m off to a good start this year.


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