Stay-cationing? Check this out…

Whilst trawling around the internet looking for somewhere to disappear to for a week I came across the most brilliant blog. It’s called Emily Escaped and it’s ‘dedicated to seeking out UK holiday rentals that are all about great design’. It has the most amazing holiday homes i’ve ever seen!! A feast for design lovers, take a look at these beauties…

THE WORKSHOP AT LIME TREE FARM, SUFFOLK. Sleeps 2 People from From £830 per week

SEA GEM, EAST SUSSEX. Sleeps 8 from £3000 per week

THE BEACH HAUS, DORSET. Sleeps 8 from £1,680 a week

TY HEDFAN, POWYS. Sleeps 8 from £950 per week

BALBEGNO CASTLE, KINCARDINESHIRE. Sleeps 16 from £2,890 a week

It’s hard to believe that all of these little oasis’ are in the UK. With views looking over the beach and countryside you could be anywhere. Some of the holiday homes picked out by Emily Escapes have won architectural awards while others are inspirational conversions. They range from sleeping x2 for romantic getaways to sleeping x16 perfect for group holidays with friends. What could be more fun!


No more queuing at the airport, just hop in your car and away you go! Check out the website Emily Escaped to find your perfect stay-cation holiday home.


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