What a Find!

Whilst trawling round many antique fairs I came across this fabulous art deco rocking armchair.

Art Deco Rocking Chair

It works beautifully and despite the rather ugly material,  it’s in very good condition.   I couldn’t leave without buying it, so after a bit of haggling I whisked it away in my little red polo (just about) feeling rather happy as in my mind  it was an absolute steal!

Luckily I know a very very good upholster called Hickey and Dobson- Mary to be precise.  Mary showed me a couple of fabrics and designs I could choose from and I decided on an olive green woollen fabric on the front and a green and creme stripped fabric for the back…….. ta-da!

The new beautiful art deco rocking chair!!

Green and creme stripped back.

Mary really worked her magic and knows what she’s talking about! I absolutely LOVE IT!

What do you think?

Anna @ The Perching Post

P.S Check out Hickey and Dobson’s website, she’s got some beautiful chairs for sale:




4 thoughts on “What a Find!

  1. My wife and I have just bought the same chairs. We absolutely love them. You’ve done such a good job. Congratulations.

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